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After graduating from The San Diego Center of Homeopathic Education & Training, I completed a 6-year post-graduate study course in Bologna, Italy with Massimo Mangialavori, an Italian master homeopath, who agreed to teach a select number of experienced homeopaths worldwide. Mangialavori has furthered a methodology of studying remedies in families and discovering themes within each family. Learning this method taught me how to recognize the remedies for my patients with greater clarity.

I also have studied with David Little for many years and was part of his Hahneman's Advanced Methods course from its inception. David resides in India’s Himalayan Mountains. He is one of a few homeopaths teaching the proper use of LM potencies and the advanced methods of Samuel Hahnemann, homeopathy’s founder.

My studies have given me a solid foundation in potency selection and patient management, along with how to use the LM potency and all potencies in water. This enables me to customize the dose for each patient.

I have lectured at the National Homeopathic conference, USC Medical School and to many other organizations. I was VP of our prestigious homeopathic organization known as NASH (North American Society of Homeopaths). I taught for 2 years at the LA School of Homeopathy and currently am on staff and teach at the Homeopathic Academy of Southern California.

In addition to my homeopathic training I am also certified in Nutritional Balancing. Since we are all unique even on a biochemical level, I believe that even your diet and supplements should be catered specifically for you. When needed, I use a few tests in my practice that allow me to assess exactly what you need. I have found that when patients can improve their diet and balance their systems that the remedies can work faster and deeper.


I practice classical or “unitary” homeopathy, in which only one remedy is given at a time – because only one remedy can correspond with the total picture presented by the patient. These remedies are diluted in water to maximize their potency and deep, but gentle action.

In addition, I have focused on the art of prescribing remedies on the LM scale or with Q potencies. Such remedies work powerfully, much like a high potency dose, but with little aggravation, like a low potency dose. As a result, they can be taken more frequently and for longer periods, which is extremely useful in chronic conditions.

The process of cure begins the moment you become aware of the realities of your own health and take positive steps. I look at the whole person – body, mind and emotions – to find the right remedy and the right potency for each individual.


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