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Deborah has seen two of my family members through health crises. Both are now
healthier than ever, physically and emotionally. They credit Deborah's insight, patience and resourcefulness. Each of us has the sense that Deborah, with her extensive interviewing and analysis, has come to understand what is unique about us and, therefore, prescribe the right remedy. As a mother, I feel comforted to know that when we need her, Deborah will be there. I can't imagine how we ever managed without her!

C Reed
Mother, Medical Anthropologist

Working with Deborah has transformed my life! When I first sought her help
two years ago, I was sick all the time and couldn't realize my dreams. Now
my system is strong and I am living the life I've wanted. My whole family
goes to her. I recommend her to everyone I know!

Deborah brings great care and precision to her work. Her insight and expertise go beyond remedy prescription into educating the client toward greater self-care and understanding. She has helped my family and friends through acute and chronic illnesses, pregnancy,
dental work, grief and addiction. She even helped my 18-year-old cat live a few more lives as he survived feline HIV and diabetes. She supported me as he passed away in my arms.

Doren Damico
Education Specialist

I was introduced to Deborah Vidal when I broke my foot. She assisted me during
that recuperation to strengthen the bone and speed my healing. Since then, she also has
seen me through colds, flu, insomnia, and emotional upset. Her thoroughness is both impressive and reassuring. I can think of few other healing practitioners who have
this level of dedication in helping her patients get well and be well.

Candace Pearson

Homeopathy changed my life. When I first met Deborah, I was at the end of a long line. I had been diagnosed with bi-polar disorder and A.D.D. Several psychiatrists had treated me and all the medication wasn't helping put Humpty Dumpty back together. In fact, the meds were making things much worse. After Deborah conducted a few sessions with me, she put me on something I was pretty sure wasn't going to work. I mean, how could it! I couldn't have been more wrong. I immediately could tell a difference in my ability to cope and deal with reality, depression, my highs, my enormous lows – everything was so much more manageable. And, it continues to work for me today. I owe her a great deal of gratitude.

Joel Mathews

Deborah has helped everyone in our family, including our pets, over the years! With her guidance, we were able to save one of our cats after being bitten by a rattlesnake. He is still alive 6 years later! This was after we had already lost another cat to conventional treatment at a vet's office for the same problem. Our miniature poodle, Rusty, was treated after developing an allergic reaction to his rabies vaccination. What once was a huge , dark, bald spot , is barely noticeable. She has helped our children through numerous problems; ADHD, severe menstrual cramps, intense nausea & vomiting, migraine headaches, abdominal pain, spider bites, acne and more. She has me eased me through the bothersome symptoms of premenopause, helping me sleep through the night while balancing out my mood swings. My husband found much relief when she helped him through an awful bout of poison ivy that spread over half of his body. He no longer lives with constant headaches and neck pain. It had gotten to the point where 800mg of Motrin wouldn't touch his pain (not to mention the side effects of using this frequently!) She has totally convinced our family of the benefits
of using homeopathy. It really works!

Becky Josett
First Grade Teacher

I had tried everything. Literally, everything. Yet, I was still suffering from cystic acne. I had always had acne problems but in the spring of 2003, it turned into a full-blown epidemic. I'd have a new cystic zit everyday. My face was swollen. It hurt to smile. I was afraid to leave the house for five years. I couldn't look people in the eye. It was paralyzing. I was morbidly depressed as a result and, again, literally tried everything: doctors, anti-biotics, naturopathy, diet, exercise, cleansers, washes, apple cider vinegar, Proactive, facials, medicine men, Reiki, massage therapy, acupuncture... everything. Then someone told me about Homeopathy. Sure, why not. And I was fortunate to meet Deborah Vidal. She saved me. Yes, I know, it was just acne and not cancer or anything life threatening but my life was literally on shutdown for 5 years as I was in a constant state of frustration and disappointment. Deborah took her time and asked a lot of questions. I didn't know what to expect. I really didn't. I really didn't think it would work. She was patient and described the process of homeopathy and what to expect and all I can say is wow. It worked, it worked, it worked, it work.

It took about a year for my acne to finally stop. It was a difficult process to go through but she warned me of this so I was willing to fight through it.

What can I say about her? Having been through a number of practitioners from various modalities, Deborah was the most caring and concerned and knowledgeable. Where others were always like, "Let's try this, let's try that." She took her time and methodically picked out a remedy for me that worked. Through my family history she was able to trace the origin of the problem and it led back to my father's mother's side. I found out later that my father's mother's father suffered from acne. Ya, Deborah knows her stuff.

The most miraculous thing about it all is... I can't even remember my life as someone who suffered from cystic acne anymore. When I remember those dark days, I don't remember them with acne. I know that might sound weird but it's true. The remedy really works on not only a physical level but also an energetic and almost supernatural level.

I highly recommend homeopathy to all my friends with chronic conditions. I highly recommend Deborah for many reasons but mostly because she legitimately cares and has a passion for her craft and helping people. She's a true healer.

Matthew Yaldezian