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The initial consultation – what to expect

In classical or unity homeopathy, the homeopath looks at a totality of symptoms and signs –
especially unusual or characteristic symptoms – before determining a single, individualized remedy.

Your initial consultation will encompass a thorough interview. You can expect this first visit to take about two hours. It will include a discussion of your family history, as well as questions that touch on your body, mind and emotions. You can assist in this information gathering by filling out the forms in Before Your First Visit.

When all of the information about your physical, mental and emotional symptoms has been documented, then the final search for a remedy begins. Unlike a medical physician, the homeopath’s goal is not only to remove the symptoms, but to act as a detective and find the root cause of the problem. The goal is to eliminate this cause by stimulating the body’s own curative powers with a well-chosen remedy.

You may leave your initial consultation with a prescribed remedy. Or I may conduct further research and call you when I have decided on your remedy, which will often be within a week in non-acute cases.

The patient’s role

Please be as specific as possible in answering my questions, both on these forms and during the consultation. You have a greater chance of receiving an effective remedy if you are open and complete in describing your physical and psychological symptoms.

It is also important to be observant of the changes taking place in your system. To that end, you might want to keep a journal or notes on any noticeable changes or shifts in your symptoms or health. Dreams are also important to note while on a remedy as remedies often stimulate our dreams.


In simple cases, a patient may feel significantly better after the first treatment. Remedies are deep acting, especially in long-term problems, and must sometimes work over a long period to restore health. A remedy may need to be repeated or changed as you progress. Several visits or extended treatment may be necessary.

It is extremely important to do consistent follow ups. Unlike other healing modalities homeopathy only requires a visit every 6-8 weeks, unless you are in a serious health situation, which requires a follow-up once a month. Follow-ups help me assess your progress, which can only be done by going over your case in a thorough and detailed way. Doing this by email is not enough. It is very important to be on a dosing schedule that is optimal for you and doing regular follow-ups helps me adjust your doses and if needed make changes to your remedy or potency so you can progress in the fastest way possible. Once you are on a good remedy and are familiar with your dosing needs then follow-ups can be every 3-4 months until your situation is resolved.

Any acute or new state that comes up in between your appointments requires a separate appointment and is not included in your last visit.

Both the ALCAT food test and the ARL hair test fee include an appointment to go over the results in detail. This appointment helps you feel comfortable about understanding your the benefits and results of your new journey. I make suggestions on how to implement your ALCAT food choices into your diet along with giving you new ideas to replace other foods not allowed. I explain the process of mineral balancing and how deeply imbalances affect your health. Also I explain why you feel the way you do and how doing this program can work to give you back energy, good metabolic functions and work in sync with your remedy to heal even faster and deeper. Any further help needed after these initial appointments will require a separate appointment.

Before your first visit

It is helpful if new patients complete the following forms in advance. (selecting the appropriate links will download forms as microsoft word documents). Please be sure to save frequently as you complete the forms! Once completed, please return the documents by eMail in advance to your appointment.

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Fee Policy (required)

Questionnaire -- Child

Questionnaire -- Adult

Personal timeline

Family history