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Deborah Vidal, RSHom (NA), CCH
certified classical homeopath

First, let me explain the initials after my name – because they matter to people seeking a qualified homeopath. I am certified in classical homeopathy (CCH) by The Council for Homeopathic Certification, as well as by The North American Society of Homeopaths, which entitles me to use the designation RSHom (NA), Registered Society of Homeopaths. These prestigious, national organizations are helping to raise the standards of homeopathy so you can feel confident when you choose a certified homeopath.

Certification requires extensive training from an approved school and many hours of supervised clinical experience, as well as a rigorous written and oral examination similar to board exams for physicians or nurses. Neither certification is mandatory by the State of California. Maintaining certification takes additional education each year. As a result, many homeopaths don’t bother to qualify. However, I am dedicated to continually improving my practice for the benefit of my patients.

Training and Philosopy


Hours & Fees