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In this helpful section, you’ll find tips on preparing, taking and storing your remedies.
You can print out a useful guide to keep close at hand or for those times you’re on the road and need to carry your homeopathic medicine with you.

Storing the remedy

Store all homeopathic remedies in a dark, cool (not cold) place, such as a closed cupboard. Keep them out of the sun and away from anything that has an electrical current, such as a computer or refrigerator. This will extend their viability.

Also, keep remedies out of reach of children. Homeopathic remedies are sufficiently diluted so no poisoning will occur if a child accidentally ingests the granules, but he or she might then temporarily develop symptoms of that remedy.

Taking the remedy

General tips:

* When advised to take your remedy in the form of dry pellets, avoid touching them. Use the remedy tube or cap to transfer the pellets to your tongue, without touching the cap. Otherwise, transfer them from the cap to a spoon and take by spoon.

* When advised to take make your remedy in water, you will dilute the pellet/pellets in purified, filtered or good drinking water. Usually remedies will be dissolved into a 4oz or 1/2 cup of water. Don’t touch the pellets when putting them into the cup or bottle you’re using.  It is best to (and) transfer them by using the cap or clean tweezers.

* To slightly increase the potency of the remedy when it is in a bottle succuss the liquid by striking the bottle against the palm of your hand the number of times instructed at your visit; otherwise if in a cup stir it vigorously.  These succussions create greater resonance within the substance and allows the body to accept the remedy more easily. In homeopathy, we look for the right balance for each patient as too much power can overwhelm the vital force.

* It is best not to eat or drink anything within 20 minutes before and after taking a remedy. Also, don’t brush your teeth during that period. After 20 minutes, the remedy is fully absorbed, and you can eat and drink. Follow your prescription if it includes specifics such as what time of day to take your remedy or how many times a day/week to take it.

For more on preparing your remedies, please see the Remedy Instructions Form.

Substances to Avoid:

Certain substances or practices have been found to interfere with the effects of homeopathic medicines. To ensure the best possible response, please try to avoid these during the period you are taking the remedy:

Coffee (regular and decaf) *
Camphor, or products containing eucalyptus and camphor oils
Dental work, teeth cleaning, drilling or anesthetics
Electric blankets
Mint, or mentholated products
Recreational drugs
Some conventional drugs (Inform your homeopath what you are taking)

* If you drink coffee, please let me know, as there are potencies and dosing schedules I can adapt to your treatment and still allow you to have coffee. However, there may be a few days you’ll need to abstain from coffee so I can see the remedy’s true action. It isn’t the caffeine in the coffee that interferes, so decaf coffee presents the same problem.

After taking the remedy

You are your own best doctor. Observe your body’s reactions. You may want to keep a journal or brief daily/weekly notes.

Acute treatment: When treated for an acute condition, such as a cold, flu, or toothache, you can expect to notice the remedy acting fairly soon. If, after one hour, you feel a 50% or greater improvement in your symptoms, don’t take another dose. In homeopathic medicine, less is more. The remedy is working and will continue working. Only dose again when you feel the beginning of a relapse. This may be in one hour or it may not be until the next day.

If you feel no improvement at all after one hour, take another dose equal to the first. Wait and watch. If again, you feel no response, repeat the dose a third time. Always remember to STOP taking a remedy when you are strikingly better or any worse after a dose.

If after three doses, you feel no improvement, stop taking the remedy. Follow the directions I gave you during your appointment but if you are still not clear then call me so I can advise you of your next step.

After taking a remedy, you may feel a brief intensification of the presenting symptoms and/or a temporary return of old symptoms, as the vital force is stimulated to heal. This is a good sign, but if a reaction occurs that you are in question about, please contact me.

Chronic treatment or Constitutional remedies: Please do not treat yourself on your own. Follow the specific instructions that were given with your remedy. If it has been a while since you have been in the office, schedule an appointment to see if you are on track with the correct remedy and potency. Often before replenishing your remedy, I will want to see you in the office to make sure you are on track. Please keep your follow-up appointments – they’re an important part of your healing path.


It is extremely important to do consistent follow ups. Unlike other healing modalities homeopathy only requires a visit every 6-8 weeks, unless you are in a serious health situation, which requires a follow-up once a month. Follow-ups help me assess your progress, which can only be done by going over your case in a thorough and detailed way. Doing this by email is not enough. It is very important to be on a dosing schedule that is optimal for you and doing regular follow-ups helps me adjust your doses and if needed make changes to your remedy or potency so you can progress in the fastest way possible. Once you are on a good remedy and are familiar with your dosing needs then follow-ups can be every 3-4 months until your situation is resolved.

Any acute or new state that comes up in between your appointments requires a separate appointment and is not included in your last visit.

Both the ALCAT food test and the ARL hair test fee include an appointment to go over the results in detail. This appointment helps you feel comfortable about understanding your the benefits and results of your new journey. I make suggestions on how to implement your ALCAT food choices into your diet along with giving you new ideas to replace other foods not allowed. I explain the process of mineral balancing and how deeply imbalances affect your health. Also I explain why you feel the way you do and how doing this program can work to give you back energy, good metabolic functions and work in sync with your remedy to heal even faster and deeper. Any further help needed after these initial appointments will require a separate appointment.

(coming soon) Remedy Instructions – Printable Form